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“I purpose my writings to be pure and true. I’m just sharing so we can feed one another and grow in grace and truth and be one as the master said we should be.”

His story

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Hello! I’m Darby. The Author of The Perfect Lesson, a father of four, a widower, a former educator, veteran, and lifelong student of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Writing challenges my understanding of life. It also allows me to express some of my most inner thoughts. Writing relaxes me, refreshes me and keeps me focused on what’s important. Writing has a way of getting things out of me so I can examine my thoughts, my consciousness, beliefs and my “Why!”. Once my thoughts are birthed, the words formed, my mind at rest from being poured out, I’m then ready to breathe in fresh insights. I was born and raised in Washington DC with five siblings in which I was the fourth. My parents were, Mr. Moses Young Darby and Mrs. Bertha Lee Darby. I felt only love with them, well except for when I played hooky: then I felt something a little extra, if you know what I mean. I didn’t like elementary school much, until 6th grade when I was picked to be on the football team. That year, we went all the way to championship, and I almost ran a complete touchdown from a single kickoff. Ooh’ boy, that was my most favorite and best time I ever had at Bundy Elementary School, and my teacher's name was Mr. Covington. I received a trophy that year. I can still hear the cheers, squills and hollers. Looking back, I notice one can go through years of difficulty or what may seem to be struggles or trials and one good minute can make those years of struggles and trials seem so trivial, forgettable and even laughable but worth it all.

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